Can God Trust You?

Scripture: The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. -Psalm 24:1

The pastor started off his sermon by saying "You have everything that God can trust you with so far".

Ouch. This was a good reminder that we are stewards of everything that we have. A steward is not an owner, but the owner gives the steward what he believes he can handle and make improvements on.

What has the Owner entrusted you with? Children, marriage, home, finances, opportunities, gifts, talents, etc? We have all been entrusted with things big and small. Sometimes we get distracted because we are too concerned that someone else has been given more than we have. Instead, we should focus on diligently working with what he has already given us.

Challenge: What if instead of being frustrated about the blessings you don't have, you prayed that God would help you to be a better steward of what you do have knowing that when you have been faithful, he will bless you with more.

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