Life Update


I have been silent for the past few weeks, but I am still here! Let me give you a little life update 😊

  • I am changing jobs (kind of...same organization, different role)

  • Finished my certification classes to be a foster parent!!!

  • Purchased a new car (after old car died on me several times and forced me to pay for rental cars for two weeks!)

  • Planned a weekend retreat for 80+ kids

  • Got attacked by bedbugs at a camp and had a bad allergic reaction (face swollen and full of hives…#cute)

So yeah, things have been a little crazy and exciting!! I am so glad that God put it on my heart to do the 90 challenge because those healthy habits have helped me to stay sane during this slightly hectic time of my life.

I want this post to focus on my journey as a foster parent. As I type this, I am sitting in a doctor’s office to get a form signed saying that the doctor thinks I’m healthy enough to be a parent, I just finished paying the lawn guy and the house cleaner to make sure my house looks perfect for the home study and last night I finished spending a few hundred dollars on a crib, pack and play and car seat. I plan to put child locks on all the cabinets after work tonight…fun times!

Some people may wonder why I am becoming a foster parent. Honestly, I ask myself the same question. Why would I disrupt my life and open my home and heart to children who may never love or respect me?

Why would I sign up to be greatly inconvenienced by the various needs the children may bring due to the trauma they've experienced?

Why would I choose to become a single parent???

It makes no sense to me. It has to be that God put his desire to care for orphans on my heart. When I was a child, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to adopt. Adopting gives you the benefit of having your own child, rearing them up, being called mom, etc. Foster care does not promise that. Foster care asks you to love children like your own and then give them back to the very people they were taken away from. You essentially sign up to get your heart broken.

I am still in the beginning of my journey. I enjoyed taking the PATH classes to mentally prepare for foster care and I have been thankful for friends who have reassured me that I will be a great “mom”. I’m excited to relate to my friends with children and I look forward to making new friends in the foster care community.

Have any of you ever thought of foster care? What questions do you have for me?

#fostercare #fostermom #singlefostermom

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