Day 70-77: Trinity Challenge

March 19, 2019

Hi ladies,

I am so glad that I have not given up because it seems like the past week has been so smooth as I am headed towards the finish line of 90 days. 


I thoroughly enjoyed grocery shopping this week and loved that everything in my cart was fresh, colorful and mostly organic. My journey of intentional healthy eating started years ago when I visited a nutrition response specialist. The specialist was able to test me to see what foods I may be allergic or sensitive to. He also did a body age test on me which was eye opening to say the least. From that visit, I started learning about how foods can heal our body and minds and I gave up several of my favorite foods for a long time. I remember feeling so much better and not having to deal with health issues that previously plagued me. 


Then I started to reason that since I felt better I could go back to my old eating habits...big mistake. This 90 day challenge has helped me to get back into the habit of eating in a way that keeps me energized and is healing my body from the inside out. 





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