Day 67-70: Trinity Challenge

March 12, 2019

Hi ladies! 

Last week felt successful with the body challenge! I will admit that I am noticing that I beat myself up over the things that I don't do instead of celebrating the things that I do well. 


For example, last night, I was upset that I forgot to take my iron supplement instead of being proud of the fact that I remembered to drink enough water, take my probiotic, pack my lunch and avoid social media. 


The lord and I have been having some intimate conversations taking the form of intercession for friends and loved ones. Intercession might be my favorite type of prayer, there is something so pure about going to the King on behalf of someone else. 


Mentally, I have been in a healthy place. I have been in God's word each morning and on the way to work I have been listening to the audio bible. My total commute is 2 hours so my mind is being saturated with truth each day. 


Even though I have cut out quite a few things in my life this past week, I can sense there is more to be pruned...God is good and full of grace. I am a work in progress. 

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