Day 64 & 65: Trinity Challenge

March 7, 2019

Hi ladies! 

You could probably tell from my last entry that I cut a few things out of my life :) This last 30 days of my last 90 day trinity challenge should be powerful! 


One thing that happens when we start cutting things out of our life is that we forget to add in things that matter. Today I am making a plan for the things that will replace the things that I cut out. I did treat myself to taco bell last night and it was GOOD. However, I got very tired quickly afterwards and then my body did not want to get out of bed early this morning. Moving forward, if I treat myself to junk food again, I will make sure to do it on a night that I don't have to be up early in the morning. 


Other than that, the body challenge is going well! I can actually say that I have a good system of drinking at least 8 glasses of water of day. I joined a much cheaper gym (only $5 for the whole year for access to 3 locations!!!). 


Feeling good :) 

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