Day 58-63: Trinity Challenge

March 5, 2019

Hey ladies! 

As mentioned in my last post, I had a meeting with myself to get my priorities back in order. It is amazing how our physical body responds to things going on emotionally or spiritually. This past weekend, my chest was in knots constantly. I had to do a lot of deep breathing and found it hard to was definitely time for a meeting w/myself and the LORD. 


I noticed 2 or 3 times last week that I shied away from my convictions which is so UNLIKE me. I recognized it so quickly and I felt like Peter denying Christ three times. You better believe I have been in my word and praying for another opportunity for me to show God that I am not ashamed of him! 


My sisters quickly encouraged me in the faith and with some practical advice. They both unknowingly told me that they were praying that God would show me what to prioritize and what to eliminate from my life right now. I knew that their prayers were led by the Spirit because it was exactly what I had been praying from my heart. 


Some things that I eliminated were small, like canceling some social plans and deleting some apps. Other things were bigger and scarier to reprioritize but I felt God's grace with me each time. With that said, I am still on my body challenge but going at a slower pace. 


As the cherry on top, God showed me an old entry in my journal where I had written down the things that God wanted me to focus on. I had written this list a while ago, but I randomly found it again this morning. God is so good and he is guiding me! So thankful for him. 

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