Day 57: Trinity Challenge

February 27, 2019

Hey friends, 

Today I can't tell if I am self-sabotaging or if I am just being realistic. For instance, last night I scrolled instagram for 30 minutes before bed...WHY? This only made it harder for me to fall asleep because I kept thinking about all the funny memes I read. I LOVE MEMES.


This morning, instead of going to the gym I am A) posting here for you ladies B)Prepping for a LONG day at work by answering tons of emails and getting ready for staff meeting. 


As far as how that affects my body, I already know that I feel best when I read a book or magazine before bed, not endlessly scroll on instagram. I hate that I am missing the gym this morning but I never want my physical body goals to overshadow things like my actual job and ministry. My plan to schedule a meeting with myself and figure out a better workout schedule that aligns with my crazy work schedule. 

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