Do You Want To Meet Her?

We all have women that we admire. I think about people like Michelle Obama, Oprah, Beyonce, Joanna Gaines, Priscilla Shirer, or the bloggers who seem really fabulous on Instagram.

I think that deep down the reason that we want to meet inspiring women is because we see a little bit of ourselves in them. Maybe we aspire to be like them in some way or another. Sometimes the most inspiring people in our lives are not the ones on TV, but the women who we interact with each day.

Years ago, I met a young lady who followed an urging from God and became an ordained minister. She pastored a church all by herself and led a congregation of mostly special needs adults. She was strong.

Not too long after, I met a lady who took a huge leap of faith and moved to a city knowing only one person and started to make a life for herself. She was brave!

Once I came across a girl that decided for a year she would do things that scared her. She tried out for a singing competition and for NFL cheerleading. She was fearless.

Then I met a woman who finally let go of a relationship that she had been "waiting" years to become something more. She stopped blaming him and started working on her own insecurities that led her into that mess of a heartbreak. She loved herself.

I met another lady who decided to write a book one day. It was a small book but it impacted hundreds and that one book grew her email list from 200 to 2000. She now has a weekly email list that includes women around the entire world. She was amazing.

Most recently, I met a lady who spent 6 months in a family shelter and got asked to move out of 3 rental homes. Despite the circumstances, she continued to pray for years for God to provide her a home and she just purchased a 3 bedroom home that was newly renovated. She had faith.

These women who I met all had one thing in common, they were all me. Sometimes I find myself in a slump wondering if I am doing anything to make an impact and God reminds me that I am strong, brave, fearless, amazing, faithful and worthy of love.

Recently, I joined the NPC and my coach asked why I wanted to compete. I essentially told her that I wanted to do it for me. I am challenging myself to compete because I WANT TO MEET HER! I want to meet the Nina Elaine that has the confidence to walk across the stage in a bikini and bask in the glory of being fearfully and wonderfully made. I have always thought about that version of myself and wondered when she would appear...I can't wait to meet her!

What version of yourself are you ready to meet? Is the next version of you an author, entrepreneur, sold out servant for God, mother or doctor? What is she like? What has she overcome?

Are you ready to meet her?

In the comments below, tell me about the women you have met (aka you!) and tell me who you are looking forward to meeting (the next version of you!)

#npc #ninaelaine #motivation #christian

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