5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day loves!

Whether you are in a happy relationship, complicated friendship, strained marriage, single and too broken to mingle or looking for Mr. Right, you can celebrate Valentine's day with gusto! Here are a few ways I thought of for you. Let me know what your plans are today!

1. Make an easy crock pot meal, grab some bubbly and invite your Bff's over. Instead of spending the night alone, invite some of your friends over who may not have plans and spend the evening chatting and laughing together.

2. Do something that your spouse will really appreciate. So many times Valentine's Day is focused on what the man does for the woman. Some women even go around bitter the whole day if their spouse doesn't do anything that is instagram worthy. Instead of waiting for something to be done for you, do something for your significant other!

3. Do something to shake things up in a good way. Go to dance lessons, trivia night, or say yes to a blind date. Do something out of your normal routine that matches your interests. You never know who you could meet on Valentine's day.

4. If you are not feeling the romance with your spouse or if things are strained, consider praying and fasting for your marriage today. Love your spouse today as if the broken things between you have been healed.

5. If you are in a complicated friendship...aka he is not making his intentions clear and you are unsure of what you are to him, do yourself a favor and do #1 or #3 :)


happy valentine's day

ps. If you have read this far I would love to send you a free pdf download of my newest book CONFESSIONS. Just hit reply and write "Valentine's freebie" in the subject line.


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