The Power of Stories

A few years ago a friend approached me and started the conversation with "The story I am telling myself is...". I don't remember the details of the conversation. Only that it changed the way that interacted with people significantly.

If you ever find yourself being sensitive, offended or unforgiving, the power of the story may be helpful for you too. When I find myself feeling any of these feelings, I ask myself "What story are you believing?".

For example, just last week I had a grand story in my mind about how a couple of co-workers had it out for me. Every little thing that they did only added to the story that I was telling myself. It was really starting to affect me and I went to the Lord for help. I told him the story that I was telling myself and asked him if it was really true. He said that it was not. He reminded me that the enemy was working to distract me. I wasn't fully convinced of God's truth until yesterday when both of my stories came crumbling to the ground. God confirmed to me in a few different ways that the story I was telling myself was untrue.

The power of the story has greatly helped my friendships as well. If I am feeling tension with a friend I go to them and say "The story I am telling myself that true?" This is a great way to confront someone without it being a nasty confrontation because you are admitting upfront that your story may not be true and you give them a chance to respond. Eight times out of ten these conversations end in laughter because we both realize that we are telling ourselves false stories about one another and are amazed at how quickly the enemy can enter our thoughts.

What stories are you telling yourself about your friendships, relationships, family and life in general? Bring those stories to God and ask him to help you to see the truth.

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