Day 45: Half-Way Point


I can't believe I am at the halfway point!!!!! Praise God. This has truly been a challenge on every level. Let's do a quick recap to see how I am doing with everything.

Mind: Since January I have read 3 new books and dozens of magazines articles. My vocabulary is increasing :)

Spirit: The negative self talk and crippling mindsets have truly decreased. This is still a work in progress but God has been so faithful in reminding me of truth on a daily basis. I find that I am thinking more positive than negative thoughts and actually believing the positive ones.

Body: This is the area that I am focusing on mostly. Preparing food from home has been fun but I still haven't quite found my exercise rhythm for this new season of life. I joined a gym and then cancelled once I realized it was cheaper and more effective to go a different route. I mentioned yesterday that I joined the NPC and I registered for my first show!! I believe this is the best investment that I could have made in myself.

Let me know how y'all are doing! I love getting emails from you :)

#TrinityChallenge #ninaelaine


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