Day 42-44: Trinity Challenge

Hi ladies!

Thank you for encouraging me and following my 90 day challenge! I am still focusing on my body and made a decision a couple of days ago that I believe will turn out amazing for me...

I cancelled my gym membership :)

I know that seems like the opposite direction that I should be going in but I am so happy that I made the decision. My gym membership was $50 a month and I didn't enjoy going! Also, my wifi never worked at the gym which made the treadmill a drag :)

I figured that I would eventually spend $600 on "fitness" this year and decided what other creative ways I could spend $600 or less on fitness. Dance classes, personal trainers and joining a sports league all came to mind.

The last time I felt like I looked the best physically was when I was auditioning for professional cheerleading. I had a very specific goal in mind and it made me want to work out. I brainstormed some options for my new goal and I decided to join the NPC :)

If you don't know what that is, more to come but I am excited to have a new goal!