Day 31: Trinity Challenge

Hey friends,

Now that I'm over the hump I can really focus. I have seen good results with the body portion of my challenge and want to continue to reinforce behaviors that improve my health. However, secretly my REAL goal has been to blog consistently for a month and I DID IT!!!!

Now that the secret is out, let's get back to my body challenge. Even though I am only 35, I can feel my body changing and I just want to keep up with her. There are some body habits that I already have that I love. The challenge is adding on to these things.

A few of my favorite body habits:

-Drinking cold water or hot drink first thing in the morning. I do this to help my digestion!

-Going to bed before 10 pm. I feel so much more energized the next day!

-Saying no to foods that make me feel sick or that I just don't like. #proudpickyeater

(I really don't like pasta y'all...)

New habit to be established

-Limited Fast Food (I can easily do it 3-4 times a week with my crazy schedule, trying to knock it down to 3-4 times a month)

-Add an iron supplement. Having low iron can be a drag...I will be researching iron supplements this weekend!

That's all for now! Tell me how y'all are doing!

#bodymindspirit #ninaelaine #christian