Day 29 & 30

Ladies!! Praise God, I just want to take a moment to celebrate that I have been consistent in habit forming for the past 30 days. It has been hard but worth it!

Because I am an overachiever, I'm going to give it 60 more days. As I mentioned in my last post I will be making a couple of tweaks so that I can be even more successful.

Here is the update from the past couple of days.

Body-I learned this week that some of my health issues are tied to having low iron so I am excited to buy an iron supplement to see how that improves my symptoms. I did end up eating fast food twice in the past two days...apparently, burgers are good for iron, so that it my excuse :)

Mind-I have been reading a bit of behavior management this week. It is certainly an area that I want to grow in and will help me with my job on a daily basis.

Spirit-The Lord has been blessing my time with him each morning. I formed a habit about a year ago of setting my timer to 13 minutes and just sitting in silence. During that time, I listen for God's voice. It is a great way to start your day.

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