Day 26: Trinity Challenge

Hi ladies,

I must admit that today felt a little like hell on earth. I was painfully aware of my need for God's presence and truth. I was so distracted that I didn't think twice about the challenge but as I reflect on my challenge goals, I can see that I was still able to achieve some of my goals without trying. I guess I'm getting closer to making these things a habit. Yay!

Here is my progress for today:

Body: No fast food for me today. This is kind of shocking because fast food is my go to when I am overwhelmed or stressed. Instead, I was craving my fresh veggies.

Mind: I read articles on woodworking today and browsed some housekeeping magazines. I love diversifying my literature.

Spirit: I bombed on this one today. Despite my sweet time with the Lord this morning, I felt weak in my spirit today. It seemed like all the lies that I've been detoxing from in my 21 Day Brain Detox came back with vengeance.

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