Day 24 & 25th:Trinity Challenge

Hi friends,

Let me just say that committing to anything for 90 days is hard!! I am getting closer to the 30 day mark, praise God!

I would say that the hardest component of this challenge has been the spirit detox. Unfortunately, that is the part of my life that needs the most work!

Here is my update from the past couple of days:

Body: I almost want to pat myself on the back for how well I've done that past couple of days but pride comes before a fall, so I will say that I am doing well and prayerfully can keep it up. I meal prepped lots of quinoa and fresh vegetables and have not had fast food this week :)

Mind: Yesterday, I listened to another chapter in the audio book Good Boss, Bad Boss. I am certainly being stretched in the area of being a better boss. This morning, I finished the ransom chapter in Triune Atonement. The chapter ended with this question, "If Jesus purchased us back from Satan, all human beings are supposed to be free in daily life. We are not." So yeah, lots to chew on there...but essentially I think that God gives us the choice to be free and daily many of us choose not to be.

Spirit: I have used the spirit focus of my challenge to destroy toxic thoughts. I read an article last night that reminded me that I still have so many toxic beliefs...this may take longer than 90 days. Thankfully, Dr. Caroline Leaf provides a good structure for detoxing your brain in her 21 Day Brain Detox.

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