Day 22 & 23: Trinity Challenge

Good morning friends,

Yesterday was a hard day at work but the highlight of my day was coming home to the February edition of Better Homes & Gardens.

I LOVE magazines! Specifically, magazines that focus on decorating, gardening, food and traveling. Instead of spending the evening scrolling through facebook and instagram, I read the entire magazine. It was wonderful.

Here is my challenge progress:

Body: I did so well yesterday on my meal prep. Although, I was tempted to grab a burger after my hard day at work, I fought the temptation! Small victories :)

Mind: I'm going to shift my mind goals to reading any type of literature and not just my old school books. I need a little variety! As I mentioned above, I read an entire magazine yesterday and learned quite a bit. I will plan to read more tonight before bed.

Spirit: I have still been listening to my meditation cd and plan to do some work in my 21 Day detox workbook today. Even though it's a 21 day detox, people are encouraged to repeat it for multiple cycles.

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