Day 15 & 16: Trinity Challenge

Hey friends,

I did the unforgiveable today. I ate a quarter pounder from McDonalds'. I am usually very proud to let people know that I never eat McDonald's burgers, but today I was humbled. I got off work a little late and was running to Bible Study. I only had a small window of time to grab dinner and McDonald's was convenient. I had resolved to order chicken nuggets but when I pulled up to the drive thru something possessed me to order a quarter pounder with cheese. I humbly admit that it was kind of good...:)

Ok, here is my progress for the past two days...

Body: I am planning to buy a subway gift card with the amount of money that I want to spend on fast food for the month. When I am tempted to buy fast food, I will just use one of my gift cards with the predetermined budgeted amount and call it a day. Subway offers healthy options but I may need to throw in a Wendy's or Chick-Fil A gift card as well.

Mind: One thing that stood out to me about Good Boss Bad Boss the past couple of days was that most bosses don't realize that the answers to their problems and most creative solutions lie with those who may be on the bottom of the totem pole.

Spirit: The Lord is working on me big time....I am amazed at the lies I have been believing about myself that are coming up in this 21 Day Brain Detox!

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