Day 14: Trinity Challenge


I am curious to know how you all are doing on your 90 days goals. Now is about the time that you may give up if you haven't already.

It is important to know that the goal should not be to have a perfect day each day. Just remember that each day you will have many opportunities to make a choice towards change. Take advantage of that opportunity!

Here is my progress:

Body-I made my own corn tortilla's today. #babysteps

Mind-More audio book listening! Still working through Good Boss Bad Boss.

Spirit-For the 21 Day Detox you commit to 3 minutes of praise and worship a day. I decided to use my commute to do a little praise and worship. It was really neat because a song started playing that I really needed to hear and then at work someone randomly shared the lyrics of the song with me. God is speaking and healing me.

#ninaelaine #TrinityChallenge


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