Day 13: Trinity Challenge


It's midnight and I'm still awake! I have a lot of nervous energy because the kids return to the after school program tomorrow. The site director resigned in October and I have been subbing in her place for the most part. After several candidates decided not to take the job offer, I am filling in as a permanent sub until May. I'm excited to get a deeper insight into what my directors experience on a weekly basis but I am also nervous for all the reasons you should be nervous when you are in charge of 60 kids 4 days a week after school. Pray for me, lol!

At any rate, here is my challenge progress:

Body: I was so proud of myself today. I cooked and resisted fast food twice today!

Mind: The only thing I read today were articles about finding the cheapest plane tickets. I am planning to visit Greece in the fall because a friend of mine is getting married there. It is the perfect excuse for a luxurious vacation!

Spirit: I had very little if any negative thoughts today! I'm over halfway through the 21 Day Brain Detox.