Day 11 & 12: Trinity Challenge

Y'all, the past couple of days have been challenging and exciting. My responsibilities at work are shifting and that comes with a whole new set of concerns but God is teaching me a lot. I can't help but wonder when I will have a tiny break from all of these God lessons...:)

Here is my update from the past two days:

Body: Just bad. Good lord, I have fallen off of the wagon!!

Mind: I have been reading quite a bit the past two days. I am still reading through Good Boss Bad Boss and I recommend getting books on audio tape if you feel like you don't have time to read. Instead of listening to the radio, I listen to the book. It is a great way to maximize my car ride.

Spirit: I am feeling weak in this area. In order to detox my brain from the toxic thoughts, I have to intentionally think about the toxic thought each day. It is a part of the 21 Brain Detox program, but I am finding it very difficult to want to do each day.

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