Day 10: Trinity Challenge


I can't believe I have made it 10 days without much accountability. Today was certainly not strong but I am making it. I had some small wins so I will celebrate those. I treated myself with a night out to the movies, I saw Aquaman. Loved it.

Body: No fast food for me today! We had an iron chef inspired cooking competition at my job so I enjoyed some great food made with love and laughs.

Mind: I listened to another chapter in Good Boss Bad Boss. It is continuing to convict and to stretch me! I would recommend it except for the profanity that is in the book. If you are not sensitive to that, you may enjoy this read as well.

Spirit: Between yesterday and today, thoughts that are not from God that I have allowed in my spirit have certainly affected me. This morning I sang "Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me". I will continue to sing this song and humble myself before God. It is amazing how quickly negative thoughts can reenter our hearts. The 21 Day Brain Detox helps me to rewire those thoughts with truth.

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