Day 8: Trinity Challenge

Hey friends!

Today I was reminded of how blessed I am to be able to choose to do a challenge to improve my life. Sometimes people are forced into change due to circumstances or health issues, so I am thankful to be in a position to choose the changes I am making. With that said, here is my progress for the day so far:

Body: I just ate the free continental breakfast at a hotel which is probably not much better than fast food, but I did save money. I am traveling from TN to SC so eating fast food along the way will be a given, but I am trying to make good choices.

Mind: Once I hop in my car, I will be listening to my audio book again. I may slightly adjust my mind challenge to include reading anything that stretches me so that I don't get bored or overwhelmed with one book. I do look forward to slowing down a bit tonight to read a little more in Triune Atonement.

Spirit: I have found that starting the day with the 21 day detox is MUCH more effective than doing it before bed. I enjoyed the assignment today and it was a perfect supplement to my bible reading time.

Ok, your are those resolutions going??

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