Day 7: Trinity Challenge


I hope you have been challenging yourself for the past 7 days. I can't wait to hear about your goals. Within this 90 days you may find that you need to tweak a few things to make your goals more realistic. The hope is that you strike the perfect balance between goals that are doable but still stretch you.

Here is my progress for today:

Body: I am traveling and needed to get fast food on the road. However, I am still under my $25 limit!

Mind: I picked up an audio book today to keep me company on my long drive. I am listening to "Good Boss Bad Boss". It is quite insightful and I hope to incorporate some of the lessons I am learning.

Spirit: My toxic thought was rearing her ugly head today. I have to remember that this detox is a process and can't happen overnight.

Posting here each day has been helping me to stay accountable. Who or what are you using to stay accountable to your goals?

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