Day 6: Trinity Challenge

Hey ladies...(any gents here?),

Currently, my underwear and socks are being held hostage in my brand new washing machine. The door will not open on the washer and water is leaking on the floor. With that said, I'm going to keep this entry short and sweet.

Body: Today I thoroughly enjoyed a Jr. Cheeseburger 4 for $4 meal from Wendy's! My goal is to only spend $25 a month on fast food, so I am still on track.

Mind: I started the chapter on the Ransom Theory which essentially says that God paid a ransom to Satan and released humanity from Satan's grip. It almost sounds right except that it doesn't seem that God would owe anything to satan...which sparks the discussion "Who was the ransom paid to?"

Spirit: For some reason, I find myself avoiding the 21 Day Brain Detox today. I keep telling myself that I don't really need to do it today but I know that I can't do this on my own. I did it last night but honestly kind of rushed through. I did seem to have more negative thoughts today but it gave me more opportunities to speak truth over myself. This detox is hard.

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