Day 5: Trinity Challenge

Hey Y'all,

Today seemed to kind of slip away. I went to work which was actually fun and inspiring, visited a friend, ate good food, talked to my family and then binged on Netfix.

The thing about Netflix is that no matter how productive I am, I always feel guilty about bingeing. Am I alone in this? Today I watched a show about clearing your clutter and I just paused Instant Hotel so that I could write this blog :)

Despite the last 2 hours of Netflix pleasure, I was still able to complete my Trinity challenge today. Here is my progress.

Body-Someone offered twice to buy me a fast food burger today and last night it took everything in me not to drive to Wendy's. Praying that God gives me the strength to make it 90 days!

Mind-Here is a quote that I read today from Triune Atonement "Jesus' atonement for the abundant life is not limited to religious redemption but is extended to all aspects of life: economic, political, social, cultural, and ecological". Do y'all agree? Is this something that you have heard in church or read in the Bible?

Spirit-I struggled a little today. I am praising God that each day that I work through the 21 Day Brain Detox that my negative thoughts are getting weaker and weaker. I am learning not to push those thoughts away but to go ahead and confront them head on.

How was your day?

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