Day 4: Trinity Challenge

Hey friends!

I must admit that I stayed up until midnight last night doing a whole lot of nothing :) I blame Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse because it was so good that it was hard to go to sleep after I watched it. I looked up the soundtrack, character backstories, news articles, etc. I think what I enjoyed so much was the amount of racial and cultural diversity in the film.

As a racial minority in America, it is always affirming to see people and story lines that I can relate to on the big screen. I also enjoyed the animation even though I am sometimes hesitant about animated films. It was like watching a comic book on the big screen. I recommend it :)

Anyways, here is my update for the 90 Day Trinity Challenge:

Body: I was SO tempted to grab fast food last night. I didn't have time to cook dinner before the movie and figured I could justify it. But I remembered that I was in control of my actions and made a good choice for my body by eating a meal with fresh vegetables.

Mind: I still haven't completed a chapter in my book but that is OK. I am challenging myself to not rush this reading so that I can fully digest the info. Today the author pointed out 7 traditional atonement theories. Which of these theories do you think you understand most? 1)The Ransom, 2) Christus Victor, 3)Satisfaction, 4)Moral Influence, 5) Penal Substitution, 6)Last Scapegoat or 7)Narrative Christus Victor.

As a disclaimer, I know some of these terms may seem foreign because they are from a required text from my master's program. But that is one reason that I love re-reading this text because it is truly stretching my mind and knowledge.

Spirit: I'm happy to report that the toxic thought that I am detoxing from did not come up as much yesterday which means the program with Dr. Caroline Leaf is working. One thing that I challenged myself to do is to recite scripture when the thought comes to mind. It is helping me tremendously.

How are y'all doing with your goals?

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