Day 3: Trinity Challenge

Hey Y'all,

I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night but I still feel a little slow this morning. At any rate, it has been a great morning with the Lord. I have a few things going on in my mind concerning the recent passing of my uncle, finances, work responsibilities and health. Thankfully, the spirit of worry has not entered my house and I have been able to lay these concerns at the Lord's feet.

I am proud to be on track for my 90 day Trinity Challenge today! Here is my progress...

Body-The day is young, but I have already meal prepped and have no plan to eat fast food today. My nutribullet died but that didn't stop me from making a wheatgrass mango smoothie. Yum.

Mind-I am still reading Triune Atonement by Andrew Sung Park. Here is an excerpt that I read today:

"Jesus died for you" is the most significant statement for one-third of the human family. But if you ask Christians how he died for them, they may answer, "He died for my sins by shedding his blood. " If you ask them further, "How can a person who lived two thousand years ago die for your present and future sins?" they may be at a loss for an answer.

I love this excerpt because it hits home. If believers cannot explain what they believe, how can we expect others to join us? Too often, instead of searching the scriptures and asking the Holy Spirit for understanding and revelation, we give quick cookie cutter answers. I don't want to be guilty of this and I am thankful that God is pushing me in this area.

Spirit-I am on Day 3 of the 21 Day Detox. I recommend reading Switch On Your Brain before doing the detox. The book is very detailed but the online detox program is more general. To be honest, it is a little confusing but I am going to keep pushing through. It has been good to visualize my toxic thoughts being destroyed by truth each day. The hardest part of this detox is staying focused during the exercises. Has anyone else tried this detox?

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