Day 2: Trinity Challenge

Hey friends!

The first few days of any challenge can be the most exciting and the most challenging. It is not quite 9pm yet and I am already tired from the day. This would be the time that I usually give up and say that I will try again tomorrow. However, I am reminded of the simple quote "Things don't change, if things don't change". With that said, here is my progress for today.

Body-I did not spend any money on fast food today although someone did treat me to a small fry :) I prepped my lunch, snacks and made some chick peas for dinner. So good!

Mind-I will spend the last 10 minutes before bed reading my book for the month. It would be great to finish one chapter, but I'm just going to give myself a time goal for reading.

Spirit-As soon as I finish this blog, I will do my daily assignment from the 21 Day Brain Detox. I found myself reflecting often through the day about my assignment from yesterday. I love it so far.

What about y'all??? Did you feel successful with your goals today?

#TrinityChallenge #christian


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