Day 1: Trinity Challenge

Hey friends,

I am attempting to post daily for the next 90 days to hold myself accountable for my new year's goals and also to give you a space to report on your progress. Make sure you comment below so that I know how things are going on your end!

As I mentioned in my first post "Llama Onesie and Pour Over Coffee" I am challenging myself to improve 3 areas of my life for the next 90 days in honor of the new year. I hope that by sharing each day that you will be encouraged and/or inspired to stick to your goals.

Body-I resisted the temptation to buy fast food today! Yay! Instead, I spent way too long in the grocery store trying to pick out the perfect foods for easy meal prep. My rice, pinto beans and collards didn't give me the same excitement as waffle fries from Chick fil A but my hunger was satisfied and I was proud of myself.

Mind-I am choosing to re-read Triune Atonement by Andrew Sung Park. It was an assigned text in graduate school and I often find myself thinking about it. It made a significant impact on how I saw the gospel and I figured I should re-read it so that I could stop saying "I read this book in grad school, it was really good, it talked about salvation theories and it was great but I can't remember exactly what the theories were". It is written from an Asian American perspective and explores salvation in terms of oppressors, liberation of the oppressed and the restoration of nature.

Spirit-I completed Day 1 of the Caroline Leaf Brain Detox program. She says it only takes 5-7 minutes but every time I attempt this detox it takes me 45 minutes :) The first time I tried this detox I only made it 4 days, the next time, I made it only 1 day. I am hopeful that I will complete it this time around. My favorite part of the detox today was the worship portion. The character of God brings me to tears and I am thankful that He allows me to experience awe in His presence.

How was your day?

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