I'm Nina Elaine, and I can relate to what you are going through. Let’s just have some real talk for a minute...you’re constantly trying to "get to the next level" in your life.  But no matter what you do, you never quite get there!

I’d be willing to bet, one of these 3 scenarios will sound very familiar to you...



  1. You’re sitting at a plateau - you can’t break through with the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

  2. Maybe you are experiencing success each month. But you know deep inside... there are things you could do differently. The problem is, you’re not really sure what those things are. So you fall into the same familiar “status quo” routine.

  3. Or maybe you are at the very early stages, and no matter what you can’t seem to get your head above water and you are struggling to stay afloat...

If you are in any of those categories, trust me, I get it.

Not to mention, I also found myself stuck in a rut at each stage. So yes, I know exactly what you are going through.

In fact, my specialty is helping people who are in this exact position break through to the next level.

I can't count the number of times someone has said something like this to me:

Today was a day of new awakening for me.. Time to move forward.


The program was really really good. It was intense. There was a lot to be done but it taught me so much. It taught that I could do more than I think I could do in the space that I have. I'm a mom I have a day job and a business. The pockets of time I have are limited. Nina showed me that I could make more of that time. That is something that I will be forever grateful for...I would definitely recommend Nina to others. This experience gave me real insight...no one else out there offers this type of program...

and even:

Nina is a coaching dream come true! During our sessions, she listened attentively, challenged me to confront long-standing mindsets and habits that hindered my progress, helped clarify my calling, and most importantly empowered me to grow in my relationship with Christ. In the process, I gained not only a coach, but also a new friend. For anyone who wants to

I highly recommend Nina.

But Well Before I Was Helping Others Succeed, I Could Barely Help Myself...

Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, I made a ton of mistakes along the way. So many times I was ready to just give up...it was bad.

When I first started I out, I didn't have anyone I trusted giving me expert guidance. The spiritual belief of my coaches never aligned with mine which made it harder to fully embrace the process.  I didn't know where my next dollar would come from and I didn't have a true support system of women. Group programs attract a variety of women and all of those women were not rooting for me, sometimes it felt like a competition.

Nothing worked out for me. I was ready to quit, and convinced I would never be able to be truly successful.

I was in a rut. I followed course after course. I was constantly hemorrhaging money.

Of course, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

· You’ve watched dozens of webinars, downloaded pdfs and subscribed to an ungodly amount of email lists which just resulted in wasted time and lost focus.


· You’ve tried to "be present" in lots of facebook groups which led to measuring your worth via "likes" and not making real progress on the goals most important to you.


· You’ve made vision boards and did a few sessions on mindset work which just ended up in you feeling great but your bank account was still hungry.

Like I said, I was sitting in your exact position...

I’d been in the dark for so long, it’s no wonder I was ready to throw in the towel. But suddenly, it was as if the lights magically turned on.


It all happened when I was thinking about how much I didn't like the model for traditional group programs and I was longing for authentic connection with other women. .


Because of this discovery, I’ve been able to create a sisterhood that will not only acknowledge your wins but be a prayerful support during discouraging times, encourage spiritual growth and Biblical truths, cut out the noise of a dozen group programs and allows me to dedicate my energy to a group of likeminded women. .

The thing is, I interact with women everyday who desire the same thing. Women like you.

Women who want to achieve their goals, with the solid support of a faith based sisterhood.


Back when I was sitting in your position, I would’ve loved to have someone fast track me through all the crap I had to go through. Getting a direct road map to show me the right way to do things, without wasting so much time and money, would’ve helped me get to this point sooner.


Which is why I’d like to do that for you today.



For a select number of special women, I am offering a personalized group coaching program. Inside, I’ll take you by the hand. You’ll finally be able to experience success on a more meaningful level in the next year!


But wait a minute… why would you need a coach? Is that really necessary?

Consider this… Some of the smartest and most successful people in the world have coaches...


  • Oprah has a coach!


  • Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other amazing NBA superstars have coaches!


  • Every single gold-medal winning Olympic athlete has a coach!


As you can see… No one is above having a coach.


The fact is, having a coach makes you better.

Even if you’re heavily experienced, there is always someone else who can see things in another way. Someone who can shed light on a better approach you may have never thought of.


Even though I believe everyone and anyone can benefit from having a coach, the truth is that Goal Digger Sisterhood, unfortunately, will not be for everyone.

So I will lay it all out for you….


I am only looking for a select number of women who can:

Take Action

Celebrate Other Women

Commit to A Plan


Now remember, this is going to be your journey. I will not wave a magic wand and make you an overnight success.   However, I will do everything I can to make the journey as stress free as possible.


Here’s just some of what we will cover:


Quarterly Coaching Sessions: Stop going after every “free” coaching call or choosing a new coach every 3 months, have a consistent voice to guide you throughout the year.


Customized Action Plans: Not a cookie cutter strategy that gets recycled for every client regardless of their goals. Together we strategize the best of plan of action for you!


Monthly Hot Topic Group coaching sessions and tons of valuable downloadable resources (checklist, content planning calendars, etc) : This is great because unlike most group programs that end after a 3-ish months, you are investing in support for the whole year! .


Live Youtube Chats with built in accountability through an intimate group of like-minded ladies: You won’t get lost in the sauce of a large group program of women who you may or may not resonate with. You get the benefit of hearing unique perspectives that will give you an edge in your business.

Plus a few more goodies like weekly texts from me to keep you on track to knock out your goals, meet and greets throughout the year  and not to mention some pretty snazzy welcome gifts for joining the sisterhood.


I promise you, there is nothing like this that I’ve experienced. The only way to get in is to click  join the tribe button below.  If you know anything about me, you know that my insights are unique, my clarity is different from most of what you are getting from the other "gurus" out there - but that’s because I give you the whole pie. Nothing is off limits.



Ready to leverage the power of sisterhood to crush your goals? 




Now, I have no doubt that you’re smart enough to get these results on your own.

I did, so why couldn’t you?


The problem is time and money. You can continue on your path of trying and failing and going around in circles to achieve your goals.



You can work with me and learn quickly, with the least amount of expensive mistakes.


Ok, fair warning again, I already said that this isn’t going to be cheap.


The thing is, if what you are looking for is some cheap cookie cutter oversold program with hundreds of other people in it, this isn't the place for you. 


This program is personal. You’ll be accountable to me to ensure you take every step to achieve your goal in the least amount of time.


And from experience, if I didn’t charge this amount, then I’d risk putting people through the door who aren’t serious. And frankly, I don’t want to waste my time or yours.


But don’t worry.


Every penny you invest will give you an even bigger return. 



Back when I started, I read book after book, listened to audio after audio, went to seminar after seminar, made one expensive mistake after another... and then FINALLY things started working in my favor and I was able to achieve my goals and then some!

With this program, you will save years of trial and error and thousands of dollars making the mistakes I made.


Here is a sneak peak at our monthly hot topics! 


The Power of Sisterhood in Business.


Developing Faith For Your Dream Business and Life


Heart-Felt Strategies to Engage and Connect with Your Tribe


How to Find Your Confidence to Get More Done & Magnetically Attract New Clients and Opportunities!


How to Enroll New Clients & Manage Your Coaching Sessions with Ease


How to Quickly Grow Your Cash, Your Community and Your Clout by Running a Challenge


Tips and Tricks to Stop Losing Profits. 


Success Secrets of a Proverbs 31 Women


Raise Your Profile + Raise Your Profits!



Your Investment in this Program will

Pay for Itself Over and Over Again!


So are you ready to change your life right now?


If not – no problem. Like I said before, this is NOT for everyone. We're going to stay friends regardless. Maybe you'll be ready another time. That's fine.



If you're one of the 5% of people who take decisive action and make NO EXCUSES

Then take action right now by clicking the button below.

Now, you and I both know this is going to make a huge difference in your life.

And the sooner you get in, the faster you will get results.


To make your decision even more of a no brainer, I’m going to throw in an incredible perk!


Yup, that’s right. I want to offer you something that no group program I have been in has EVER offered.


Goal Digger All-Inclusive  Retreat 

An incredible time bonding and celebrating our wins for the year on a cruise!













But… You Have To Take Action Now To Get This Perk

No matter what stage you are in, you need to take action to see the results you are looking for.


The Goal Digger Sisterhood is only open to 12 incredible women. I’m doing this because I really want this to be an intimate group! I want us to know each other's name and stories. Not to mention, I want to give you my best attention for our one on one sessions, that can't happen if I have 500 women that are being coached. .


I am looking for action takers. I want women who want to get to the next level.

I am here, ready and waiting to push you forward. All you need to do is click below to get started on the path to change your life forever and never look back.

Oh yeah...that's me! I have a lot to smile about :) 





P.S. Only 12 spots available!! Click "Join The Tribe" now to reserve your spot! If you want to chat with me, email me at ninaelaine@mail.com